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 Makes you skin glowing any time of the day

  • Rapidly neutralizes stressful changes in humidity and salts to help keep skin balanced
  • Replaces greasy creams and lotions, so you can get dress quickly without staining your clothes
  • Promotes optimal moisture retention within skin cells and nitrifying all skin layers
  • Strengthen the skin’s natural barrier
  • Simultaneously soothes and energizes exhausted skin by building up and improving your skin’s defences
  • Achieve that “just out of the shower” look any time of day
  • Ideal for hydrating when travelling
  • Can also be used to set makeup for a “flawless finish”

    Rejuvenating Mist™ is one of our Circadian Skincare every afternoon products that is iBio highly concentrated with 61.10% active ingredients. Ideal to restore energy and recover from jet lag when used upon morning landing after overnight flights.100% of the product is usable for the entire body including the face will absorb without leaving any residue when following the suggested amount. With proper use should last for two months.

    Rejuvenating Mist™ is full of high-performing active nutrients that match the content of amniotic fluid to hydrate and protect stressed skin while restoring the natural balance for resilience and energy. This unique formula uses only the highest Ecocert, deep ocean water-logged with marine raw materials which, gives you a reduction of wrinkles and cell rejuvenating benefits to your skin. Rejuvenating Mist™ water formula will deliver powerful essential minerals and rich Seaweed nutrients for natural healthy glow and radiance of the skin tone, skin-feel, visibly firms the skin, contribute to reducing of pore size and effectively improving moisturization on your skin for all day long. Our Rejuvenating Mist™ formula was designed with a high-potency blend of all Circadian Actives ingredients from all around the world.

    Our formula is designed to naturally balance mineral and trace minerals will penetrate to the inner layers of the epidermis which will activate the natural protective mechanisms of the skin. The benefits of our proprietary ingredients in our formula improve the hydration level of the upper layers of the skin, a fast-acting effect which lasts for at least 24 hours. They also promote visibly firmer skin and supports a healthy vascular system.

    A deep ocean water mist that rehydrates and replenishes lost nutrients. It will help the skin to deal with fluctuating climatic changes, hormones, stress and circadian cycles. It prevents wrinkle formation from free radicals. Reactivates both the Seasonal Actives™ in the Seasonal Serum and the facelift in the Circadian 365 Day Cream™

    Ingredients: Proprietary Circadian Actives™

    Apply in the afternoon (from 2 pm on) to replenish the skin. Most helpful during travel on planes or extended hours indoors.

    Delivers powerful essential minerals and rich seaweed nutrients directly to your system including a Bio-Mineral Liquid Complex to increase the hydration that penetrates to the inner layers of the epidermis, to promote healthy vascular systems for visibly firmer skin and rose and lavender hydrosol to lift and rejuvenate.

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