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Don-Alan Rekow, author and publisher, brought together 25 authors from a variety of different backgrounds to create much more than just a book on health. Discovering Excellent Health is a movement. It is an educational format intended to help individuals learn how to thrive in their lives by taking responsibility for their own health. This new trend in understanding how we maintain our health and quality of life as the first line of defense against illness and disease continues to grow. This is not your typical "new fad eat right and exercise" book - it is uncommon wisdom and new ideas on discovering excellent health for everyone!
iBio founder Elisabeth Thieriot has shared her insight on living through the senses in a brand new book Discovering Excellent Health, a collection of life-changing wisdom ranging from new ideas in self-improvement to alternative methods of healing. From acquiring sound financial health to relationship health and amazing nutritional information. From spiritual awareness to attitude development. This book is not your typical new fad eat right and exercise book. This book contains uncommon wisdom about health and wellness.