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 Calms, comforts and rebuilds stressed and sensitive skin with dense collagen from sunburn kitchen burns and cuts, itchy dry skin and insect bites or bruises. Ideal for calming baby rashes. It works wonders on your cats dogs or horses scratches bites tick wounds and itches or sunburns. Perfect family go to help the skin product.  

  • Helps speed skin’s recovery after undergoing medical enhancements that leave scars, and such as peels and laser resurfacing with pigment intact
  • Perfect after care to laser treatments as it relieves skin of any pain or inflammation or down time from the procedure building new layer within a week
  • Relieve kitchen burns or cuts within a minutes 
  • Relieves sunburn symptoms instantly and help to build more resilient skin anew
  • Helps restore skin to a smoother, suppler, more youthful appearance
  • Quickly reduces puffiness and inflammation or itchiness
  • An abundance of natural healing ingredients promotes remarkable recovery from lost moisturization, delivering powerful anti-oxidants
  • Ideal for instant relief from rose thorns cats claws or cactus pricks

Intense Recovery™ is an iBio highly concentrated product with 99% active ingredients that should be used as needed for surgery scars, sunburn, kitchen burns, rose thorn cuts and other skin irritated areas, delivering immediate relieve and intense fast recovery. 100% of the product is usable by the skin and will absorb without leaving any residue when following the suggested amount. With proper use, the Intense Recovery™ projected to last for five to six months.

This innovative Intense Recovery™ formula uses the highest quality, Natural Vegan oils and extracts. Intense Recovery formula is specifically designed to relieve sunburn and rapidly rebuild new skin with even tone and elasticity and soothe irritation after undergoing modern enhancement procedures with laser for scar, tattoos removal treatments, and skin stress from travel to different time zones. Calms Rose pricks and cat scratches too. Prevents inflammation to promote accelerated cell replacement with restored pigment.

A deeply healing formula is sourced from five continents delivering only the best of strength to balance skin for performance and restoration. This anti-inflammatory formula has ingredients that soothe, restore and rebuilds skin layers.

Ingredients: Proprietary Anti-Inflammatory & Healing Actives™


This innovative Intense Recovery formula uses only the highest Organic, Natural oils and Non animal tested raw materials. Intense Recovery formula is specifically designed to assist skin recovery and soothe irritation after undergoing modern enhancement procedures, laser treatments, and stress from travel to different time zones.

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