Replete is the food for your summer skin

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Replete is the food for your summer skin

by Elisabeth Thieriot


Replete Your Skin in Summer Heat

Secrets of living in harmony with nature and its bounty of natural extracts that leads to flawless skin.

Summer is the season for the skin to interact with natural elements with little clothes coverage. The warmer weather provides a comfortable environment to expose the skin.  The summer choice of fabrics to wear are lighter and breathable weaves.

Our skin was designed to interact with elements during the summer season, so our job is to support it and not interfere with these processes.

Now it is the time to make sure that a lot of Intense Recovery is applied nightly under Circadian 365 Night Cream. It will assist in the fast turnover of cells that were exposed to elements. This will assure that your body has all needed nutrients to build more collagen in the natural way and uphold infrastructure of the skin to hold it up in a smooth fashion. This is a good time to spend more time in water. Water acts as natural hydration and active cooling assistance in addition to Rejuvenating Mist nitrifying power in the afternoon to extend our ability to defend the elements such as free radicals and temperature changes between outdoors and AC. The Summer Serum has building blocks to resilience of the skin in its formulation of proprietary Seasonal ActivesTM.

The primary difference between Replete and other skincare products is the fact the Replete understands and follows skin’s natural needs based on its assigned seasonal and circadian functions.  No other product line does this! Replete is food for the skin, providing building blocks for collagen and density of the skin and steadily increasing skin quality with time. Replete formulations are true Anti-aging products.

This is in contrary to skincare products that are promoting self-defense by blocking the sun and closing the skin pores with heavy bases made of Vaseline or mineral oils bases with added 1% irritant to strip top layer of the skin to expose the not ready for the elements skin underneath our protective layer that shield us. This irritation is used to create response of the skin as a collagen building tool but soon the body runs out of way to create self-defensive wall from irritants and loses the war by leaving behind tired aged skin. This in fact depletes skin resources at a faster pace, therefore acting as aging accelerator. All Retina products are stripping the skin layers and making them more vulnerable and thinner in density- therefore the recommendation is to stay indoors and avoid sunlight.

That is not what we offer- we say live free of fear outdoors.

In truth, a certain amount of sunlight promotes collagen replacement and delivers needed vitamins to our skin and system as intended. This is the more natural way to stimulate self-defense mechanism of the skin within natural functions already programed as part of our existence, including cell replacement. The key is to be outdoors after 3 pm and monitor direct exposure with clothes, hats past 30 min, or an umbrella. This, too, will provide enough sunlight to maintain bone structure density and keep your face’s youthful contour, with high cheeks and young eye-frames. So much has not been told to people when pushing sunscreen into everyday life, including the newborns getting covered with chemicals that can lead to soft bones and other developmental issues.  Then, if you do overexpose, you can use Intense Recovery assuring easier recovery with more collagen building power as if you had a laser treatment to recover from. We are meant to live during the day and sleep at night. Why, then, are we fearing daytime when it is supposed to be our time to fully function?

Replete discovered natural secrets of how to build resilient skin over time- no instant gratification here- as we have been depleting the skin with creams that were irritating and stripping the layers for years!

Replete delivers visible changes to youthful skin within 72 hours then a couple of weeks for others to see, and total rebalancing of the skin function throughout all seasons. Replete Skincare is an annual system to change your skin throughout four seasons back to youthful resilient best you. 

The summer serum is filled with Seasonal ActivesTM seaweeds and clays that builds the resistance within the skin cells. Circadian 365 Day Cream gives Circadian ActivesTM for a lift to the skin and helping the pigment to distribute evenly, thus helping to lower the formation of age spots.  Rejuvenation Mist delivers the needed hydrations and minerals in the afternoon giving the day cream and other products lift for the skin. Finally, 365 Night Cream Circadian ActivesTM work on detoxing, replacing, and rebuilding the cells from day’s work. All products work in unison with the body’s largest organ- the skin.

A few interesting facts when using Replete:

During the first week, you will expel all the toxins that were repressed in the form of pimples under the skin. Then, you will never see them again. Then you will have smooth skin back again.

Apply only the volume of Replete formulas that is absorbed by the skin. If you have some extra left on the surface, it means you are using too much!

The Intense Recovery oil is in fact only 1% oil and 99% bio-active herbal extract. It absorbs immediately into the skin, relieving sunburn almost on contact.

All products are fast absorbing, so within a minute of applying, you can get dressed without delay.

All Replete formulas are highly concentrated nutrients in proprietary combinations as Circadian ActivesTM and Seasonal ActivesTM.