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  This time more than any other we need to treat the condition of our skin with thoughts of building our defences by having resilient and fast healing skin surface. This means limiting the time of having open wounds of cut and scrapes to prevent infections from bacteria or viruses entering our body through the broken skin. Putting on bandaid does not stop this from occurring. The skin top layer must reconnect to prevent this from happening.  This is what Replete Intense Recovery Oil was created to deliver. During the first, 48 hours Intense Recovery Oil super supports the skin...

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 Replete winter life. Winter is in its full glory now, and we have moments urging us to escape to the sun and the sea. Yet some of us cannot, what do we do now? If you cannot go to the sea bringing the sea to you, is the only option. You may wonder why is the urge so strong?  I think I can help you to answer that question. We are bio organism that needs the sun to draw minerals and vitamins from and to program our system through our eyes and brain when exposed to the light and air....

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