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If you have ever wondered why bother to to wash your skin and need to know why it matters, please read these few point of interest.  Detoxing through the skin is one of most important ways in which our body goes through detox process with involvement of the liver, kidneys lungs and intestines.   Have you ever met the person with bad breath ? Then maybe taking a shower would have helped them to eliminate this unfriendly  cry for help from the body. Or flaky reddish skin that was begging for morning luffa shower?   Our body has ways of...

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This is precisely how Coco Chanel felt about the Sun and the beauty it created for a young women. Coco Chanel was a Sun lover that inspired her to create first flip flop from a cork to protect her feet from burning beach sand. She is the one that created first beachwear with sailor navy stripes on dresses and sweaters. Her favourite time was spent on French Riviera in the Sun. She owned a fabulous Estate on french Riviera and spend every free moment at her home away from Paris. Coco Chanel empowered women with soft waistline and jersey fabric...

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 Replete winter life. Winter is in its full glory now, and we have moments urging us to escape to the sun and the sea. Yet some of us cannot, what do we do now? If you cannot go to the sea bringing the sea to you, is the only option. You may wonder why is the urge so strong?  I think I can help you to answer that question. We are bio organism that needs the sun to draw minerals and vitamins from and to program our system through our eyes and brain when exposed to the light and air....

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