Save your family and pets skin your money and time

Save your family and pets skin your money and time

When I first created Replete Intense Recovery Oil to heal my sunburn from Hawaiian Sun I had no idea how this one oil will save me money time and my skin over and over again. 
I love to cook which means getting cuts and burns from steam oil or oven racks. Some of them were so deep or so intense I needed Emergemcy help and had to go late in the evening to get help at the hospital to stop bleeding or have silver poured over my burned skin to protect now exposed under layers. Ever since I discovered that Intense Recovery Oil had the power of emergency room I have never gone back to it regardless of my cooking mishaps or my animals. One time I cut my pinky finger cushion so far that I had to flip it back on to place but with adding two drops of my oil in the middle of the cut.  It was closed by the morning. I have no scar and the nerve returned to full feeling too.

I only wrapped paper towel over my pinky  and never used bandages or Band-Aid.

Another time the burn on top of my hand was so big than I was concerned with using of my hand at first then after couple drops of oil I forgot that my hand was burned and went on doing what ever I needed to do. All healed in five days again.

Then my cat vet suggested to use Intense Recovery  Oil on my cats during pandemic for tick bite necrosis of the skin, since it worked so well for him to heal his skin from cat scratches. He was right it help my cat to heal faster than ever before.
From that time my cats dogs and horses come to drink it from my hand after I apply it on their wounds during hiking some cuts, scratches or bites, no more need for expensive vet visit to attend to their skin. 

Soon after I became grandmother I discovered Intense Recovery Oil was the only thing that made dipper rush thing of the past instantly! 
As the children were learning how to walk and ride a bike the oil relived  many bruised knees and elbows. Best part about it is how they come asking for Replete oil by showing me the ouch to apply it on.

So special to have that trusted relationship with them because they feel helped. 
I have never imagined how this oil will create so many kind connections for me because it helped so many people when nothing else worked for them till now and changed their life as a result of it.

 There are many people I helped along the way especially when I was traveling that were not our clients and could not afford it, nor knew about Replete but needed help to restore the skin from trauma or persistent condition.  Often I would leave my Replete set or whatever I had with me behind to help others. 

The gratitude has extended to friendships and other forms of kind thank you's.

Then there are those that tried Replete and as their skin returned to normal they left only to come back after other products reactivated skin issues to then value Replete more than before.

So goes the life - we learn from experience and emerge wiser more practical with applying time, money and our wisdom to make life easy efficient and joyful. 
 Come to experience Replete as your total family solution when life calls for help and ease of living. 

Much love ET