Your Seasonal Living

It is normal for us to change wardrobes throughout the year, as it gets hot, then cold, then warm again. This is the natural changing of the seasons and we change too. In fact, even our skin changes during the seasons, in response to the world around us, not just in appearance – but also in the job that it needs to do.

There is one common factor in each of these seasons – sunlight – and how our skin responds to it. Our vegan Seasonal Serums are designed with this primary purpose – to allow us to safely interact with sunlight – keeping what we don’t need out, but also allowing what we do need to come in and nourish us. We need sunlight; we are designed to interact with it to get vitamins, minerals, and natural nutrients that we can’t get from any other sources. When we use synthetic sunscreens, we are preventing ourselves from receiving what we naturally need, not allowing us to feed our skin the vital nutrients it receives from the light.

The vital nutrients you need for spring, summer, fall and winter.