The iBio™ System

A system for resilient thriving in Body, Mind, and Soul.

In this age, our lives have become more about surviving, rather than thriving. It is time for a global shift to reach the pinnacle of our potential, as individuals. This is the awareness of the iBio™ system for thriving and surviving by adapting iBio Rhythms of Circadian Cycle and Seasonal Cycle.  In order for us to thrive, our biological constitution depends on us recognizing our connection with the natural world we are part of, and interworking within natural cycles. The knowledge of what affects us takes away the fear of what can break us down, and by taking away that fear allows us to act with purpose and focus, rather than react out of fear. When we become iBio™ in the full sense, our mental, emotion and physical state, reaches its optimal levels. Our decisions are more balanced, healthy, tolerant and connected to the shared human experience in life, we become resilient. Developed by Elisabeth Thieriot, iBio is a movement of living in a body supportive way to thriving no matter circumstances.  

The iBio™ System is a health and wellness education program that offers resources and materials to understand how our body’s systems are connected to naturally occurring cycles and affect our life, nutrition, and well-being. By learning and engaging in our connection to these cycles of living, we can develop within ourselves a profound way of improving our full system of health in body, mind, and spirit and resilience. These wellness programs and educational services are designed to guide you towards your personal best and thriving.



The iBio™ System Resource
As a featured speaker, publisher and filmmaker on full system health and wellness Elisabeth Thieriot offers presentations, workshops, and seminars.
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