I wanted to take a moment and share my experience with Replete. I have never had easy skin until now that is. Over the years, I am now 63, I have had multiple skin cancers on my face and a pretty constant challenge with precancerous growths that get burned off at most dermatologist checkups. After using Replete for several months now, my skin has never looked better. The growths have all but disappeared, the redness that is so unsightly is about 50% decreased and I see a trend of improvement that leads me to believe that this too will soon be a thing of the past. I feel more beautiful and don’t cringe every time I look in a mirror. I have tried many, many products over the years in an effort to care for my face, and nothing has even come close to the magic I am experiencing with Replete. Ever grateful for the amazing gift you are giving the world.

– Kathy Douglas, Client
California, USA


“What Replete has done is connect the health and resilience of our skin with how we live and thrive in the world. The perfect combination of science harmonizing natural cycles and the result is amazing. Replete has changed my skin and my life, there is no reason to use anything else!”

– Gina Heisser, Singer/Songwriter/Producer
New York, USA


She (my daughter) loves it. Her face and skin have never been clearer. She has suffered from adult acne and dark spots (that) she needed to cover up with concealer for years, until Replete. She is a walking, talking infomercial for Replete.

– Antonio Fidel, Client
Ohio, USA


“Intense Recovery Oil healed my burn and today no one can tell I even burned my hand, much less that it was as serious a burn as it was. Before I used Replete, I thought for sure I would have a permanent scar for life. I was amazed that even my color returned to the area. ”

– Rudy Sandoval, Client
California, USA


“I have been using Replete for over a year now. I have very light skin that is sensitive. This regime has repaired my blotchy skin. It is so effective that I need only use a very light amount. I have also used it to mitigate scaring after two operations. The most amazing thing is the recovery time after my treatments for actinic keratosis (skin pre-cancers). I have had actinic removals for over 30 years. The problem I had was the delicate skin after removal usually took months to recover. With Replete it only takes a couple weeks. The healing time is sped up exponentially. It is worth every penny. Truly a case of you get what you pay for and a great value at that.”

– Michael Kane, Client
Shkodër, Albania


Before Replete: I started 'Chasing Wrinkles' a little late in the game (at age 50). When I started the hunt for a product not only was there no difference in my skin but my wrinkles seemed to enjoy the ride. I was no longer chasing wrinkles, I was in 'cover it up' mode. Along with my wrinkles, my skin tone was dull with white and red blotchy patches. The camera was not my friend, and in this day and age, I could not escape it.

After Replete: 'Chasing Wrinkles' is now a past practice. I use Replete daily and I love the results. I am out of the “cover up” mode and back to the natural look. My skin has taken a turn for the best. Vibrant, glowing and gorgeous (not sure how that really fits in, but true story) are the words I hear since my Replete journey started. To top it off I no longer have an endless supply of products that I will not use. Bring on the cameras and smile on.
Thanks Replete!"

– Lisa Kirk, Client
Oregon, USA


“Since I use the Intense Recovery oil every day, I do not need to wear gloves to protect my hands while I wash the dishes anymore! My hands stay hydrated with only a few drops.”

– Carmen Avalos, Client
California, USA


“I found that it hydrated my skin, I mean amazingly, from the very first time I tried it. Right after I used Replete my skin immediately had a glow. It was plump, it was hydrated, it felt like it was alive.”

– Abby O’Conner, Client
California, USA


“The Replete Intense Recovery Oil is an awesome pain management tool and aid in rapid healing. I used it on a painful tooth and a rash on my legs – within 5 minutes the pain was gone. My 88-year old dad, who didn’t believe in holistic remedies, has used it to quickly stop a bleeding wound and now uses it anytime he cuts or scrapes himself. This product is phenomenal.”

– Susan Meyer, Client
California, USA


“This is the first product line to come along that addresses what our skin needs and requires depending on the temperature – what our bodies are going through in response to the length of light during the day and the amount of darkness at night. Replete feels clean on the face, and penetrates into the skin evenly and smoothly.”

– Margaret MitchellCEO & Founder of Epi Center MedSpa & Medical Associates
California, USA


“As a dermatologist, I must tell you it actually works. It made my skin feel well. I found the smoothness of the skin lasted all day in which I had applied 3-4 drops.”

Dr. Patrick H. Bitter, Dermatologist & Photofacial Founder
California, USA


“Right away… it was wonderful, it was luxurious and it was natural, in scent and in feel. It is as if you can feel your skin is drinking up the nutrients in Replete, taking it in and soaking it up.”

– Susan Kolbas, Cosmetic Researcher
California, USA


“I go running or surfing and really feel the effect of the salt water, the air, and the dirt on my skin.  When I wash my face and use Replete, the consistency, texture, and plumpness (of the skin) is instantly repaired and moisturized. I can feel it working.”

– Robert Rugani Jr., Client
New York, USA


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