How to get immunity

How to get immunity

How do we build immunity is a question many have asked me about, so I decided to write this article about steps to take to achieve this goal.

Number one is to get afternoon Sun exposure without glasses as the eyes need access to the light to read the time of the day and season to program your sleep for every night.  The brain uses the light to program repairs and detox needed to maintain all organs and communication systems in your entire body during your sleep.  
No light = no sleep.

The Moon is the facilitator of moving fluids though your body space in the same way it moves body of water in our oceans.  The role of these movement is to detox and deliver nutrients collected during the day from food and skin absorption of anything applied or assimilated from the air and sunlight.

This is how perfect is circadian cycle of our life. Without it playing out our systems brake down.

For that reason skin must be open to interact with outside environment air and light to gather what is needed for our restoration of all systems and immunity that prevents illness.  

Replete Seasonal Serums Complex are designed to penetrate dermis for allowing top layer to function fully as needed providing support beneath as its strength for performance.  By allowing the Sun to interact with our body we can produce T-cells that become replacements for damaged cells in all organs and bones. This is why we do not block the sun instead we make the skin resilient to interact safely. 

365 Circadian Day Cream provides collection of vitamins, minerals and moisture for fluids to move the nutrients inside the body and convert them for the nightly repairs. Everything in Replete Skincare System is designed to make your skin your shield making you resilient by having all systems repairs done nightly and your immunity in top form to keep you fabulous at any age.