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If you have ever wondered why bother to to wash your skin and need to know why it matters, please read these few point of interest.  Detoxing through the skin is one of most important ways in which our body goes through detox process with involvement of the liver, kidneys lungs and intestines.   Have you ever met the person with bad breath ? Then maybe taking a shower would have helped them to eliminate this unfriendly  cry for help from the body. Or flaky reddish skin that was begging for morning luffa shower?   Our body has ways of...

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What an amazing concept that our eyes can use and need a workout to see and focus without the help of prescription eyeglasses. Let’s look at how it is possible to exercise the muscles inside of our eyes for better focus. In order for muscles inside of our eyes to build strength they need space, there  cannot be any swelling or edema putting pressure inside of the eyes that would prevent contracting and releasing of internal muscles that hold and move our lenses to focus backwards and forward depending on distance of what  we are looking at. That is the place of magic...

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