Replete Winter Life

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Replete Winter Life

 Replete winter life.

Winter is in its full glory now, and we have moments urging us to escape to the sun and the sea. Yet some of us cannot, what do we do now? If you cannot go to the sea bringing the sea to you, is the only option. You may wonder why is the urge so strong?  I think I can help you to answer that question. We are bio organism that needs the sun to draw minerals and vitamins from and to program our system through our eyes and brain when exposed to the light and air. We are bio organism that needs salts from the sea and foods, to replace the once we lose perspiring and evaporating all though the day and night. We are made of 12 salts that keep us balanced, we need them to be strong and healthy, so your desire to go to the sun and sea is your body desire for a balance of strength and health. The deep-sea water is close in composition to our amniotic fluid in which we are created. It is the environment perfect for building new young viral cells of our body. It has intelligence and same coded DNA language as we do. The beauty of using natural extracts creates perfect results. Therefore, we have the urge to go to the sea and the sun. The sun provides building blocks for our body to convert light into vitamins-like Vit D we hear so much about and is the only fraction of what our body converts to our benefit during the daytime exposure.  Our connection to the natural world is bigger than we give credit to. The food we eat of unaltered origin is our supply to run our body on in addition to the sun and waters we consume. Each water carries a different composition of the mineral. The need for the changes with seasons, as our body goes through different stages of seasonal functions.

So, may wonder how you bring the sea to you and sunlight during winter month.

Here it is: Replete Rejuvenating Mist is deep ocean water containing what our body needs when building new cells. It is the closest water to amniotic fluid we are born in. Spraying it on your entire body gives you minerals to rebuild and restore. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and energized. It keeps your clothes clean, without grease or smells. It is absorbed into the skin assisting in keeping you looking and feeling your best.

How do you bring the sun into your life: Maximize the daylight available during the short days of winter. Replace your SPF creams or makeup for Winter Replete Seasonal Serum.

This will give maximum benefit of daylight contact for the skin to convert needed Vit D and another long list of much-needed vitamins and trace minerals we get from the air. The serum will build with time resilience back into the skin that you had during your young days. It is important to know that building depth and not thinning it, is the only way to have young skin. Your focus should be on restoring your natural balance with nature and allowing your skin to have support being the skin as the largest organ in your body.

Synthetic creams create damage as it does not speak the language shared by our DNA. Our body sees it as an intruder that is toxic, putting skin on alert to protect our system from Toxins going into our bloodstream and poisoning our heart. Sure, synthetic creams are cheap, but are they worth the risk of long-term use and side effects of toxins?

Natural extracts are grown during the one-year cycle, then extracted during yet another season. Nature has its own rhythm and language. Every plant has its purpose, and we know it.

By giving up fear of ageing, you will embrace living, that will, in turn, restore your young self. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Enjoy the adventure of being brave and trying something new and exciting.