The Myth of the Sun and the Moon

The Myth of the Sun and the Moon

Today, we fear the Sun but never speak of the Moon.

Long ago, Priests, Shamans Kings and Pharaoh lived by both understanding fully the power offered to them for thriving in daily living and to control people. The magic of nature has been the knowledge we call today “science” but one we practice through synthetic means of less expensive replacement of what nature offers to us with an abundant harvest. The promises these replacements make are followed by a much longer list of side effects for which there is no cure. So, I ask why would anyone buy them use them or eat them?

The answer is somewhat simple- out of fear and economics.

Let’s take a look at both. Natural products have DNA that is the same language our body speaks. It seems natural that people speaking the same language communicate with better results at getting things done that those that speak a different language. Would you agree? You probably do- which validates why natural products are more effective for a purpose than anything made in laboratories with the synthetic replacement for the same purpose. Which means if you want to clean a natural stain off your sheets use natural laundry detergent to do it no need for bleach.

The same thing can be applied to our skin care. Everyone is in fear of the Sun based on propaganda that it causes cancer. Given that believe sold to people by marketing the use of SPF skyrocketed and so did new diseases along with cancer.

It looks to me that controlling people with the fear of the Sun has not changed since Faraon times in Egypt. Pharaohs would use knowledge of upcoming solar eclipse to scare people into compliance with them.

Now, we read how damaging the Sun is and post photos of Moon damage instead on truck drivers face that works at night to sell more SPF filled products. In fact, the Moon is the one breaking down the structural foundation of the skin links collapsing layers on to each other. Not too many night creatures are considered beautiful, not too many plants have flowers that bare fruit at night even with the amazing scent of most alluring Jasmine around for sensuous night experience offered to us by the night plants. Day flowers close at night to protect their reproductive system from moonlight harm. Night has limited occupants such as hyenas and other scavengers that are not attractive and history speaks of Dracula that looks are to use during the day for social attracting of a mate. I hope you get the point. Every planet has its power – the Moon with magnetism moves the water of the world and in us and the sunlight is the source of life.

 Now you know the inner works of the Sun and The Moon.

Let’s talk about what no one talks about.

No one told anybody the blocking your facial bones from the Sun will create Riket disease due to inadequate vitamin D and make your facial structure meltdown like warm wax.

But wait there is now a filler to pretend it did not happen right?

Next, the scientist learned from the Sun that Sun actually builds collagen in all under layers of the skin even during prolonged exposure even if the top layer was burned, so they created laser procedure to replicate this for Med Spas. The laser burns the top layer and they promised you more collagen fewer wrinkles and all of the youthful appearances can offer along the way.

I say let’s go to the beach.

If you doubt me please have your body scar exposed to the Sun for at least 20-30 minutes and see how it gets bigger by collagen prompted by the Sun. It is that simple to test.

This is why when you are in the sunlight the body actually pulls needed minerals vitamins and so much more we have not identified yet to compensate for the stress in life altogether. It makes your bones stronger, your mood better and you lose weight as a result of strong thyroid that got it nutrients from the air and the sunlight while having fun. I am not telling you to be irresponsible with the exposure, I am telling you there is nothing to fear.

In addition to other benefits now scientist found that when the circadian rhythm has restored the symptoms of MS, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and other allergies disappear- how can this be?

Our body and the brain is programmed to live during the day, our eyes use seasonal light to program repairs and replacements of damages cells during the night. That is when the shut down is established and what will be needed to achieve the goal.  Knowing what and when to do is the key to deep sleep and supply of needed nutrients will assure the quality of this repairs. Having good nutritious dinner is a good idea if you want to sleep well and repairs multiple systems in your body.

After all, you are the manager of your life with the information you have, so, please tap into old knowledge of who we are and how our body communicates with us to achieve optimum looks, energy and happiness.