Treating skin as our shield

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Treating skin as our shield

 fresh skin injury

This time more than any other we need to treat the condition of our skin with thoughts of building our defences by having resilient and fast healing skin surface. This means limiting the time of having open wounds of cut and scrapes to prevent infections from bacteria or viruses entering our body through the broken skin. Putting on bandaid does not stop this from occurring. The skin top layer must reconnect to prevent this from happening. 

This is what Replete Intense Recovery Oil was created to deliver. During the first, 48 hours Intense Recovery Oil super supports the skin with nutrients to seal the top layer and protect us from infections coming in.

This is how we build resilience by limiting unneeded stressors and focusing on fast rebuilding. Then going on to what we need or want to do next!

Nice and easy life can be with Replete. This image is taken 24 hours of the skin after injury with the use of Insense Recovery Oil.

 12 hours later